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Who is eligible for Special Education services?
The Culver City Unified School District offers a continuum of services and placements to students ages three through twenty two who are eligible under one or more of the following federally recognized (by the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, IDEA) disabilities that adversely impacts his or her educational performance:
- Autism
- Deaf-blindness
- Deafness
- Emotional Disturbance
- Hearing Impairment (Hard of Hearing)
- Intellectual Disability
- Multiple Disabilities
- Orthopedic Impairment
- Other Health Impairment
- Specific Learning Disability
- Speech or Language Impairment
- Traumatic Brain Injury
- Visual Impairment
Can a students who are identified as 'gifted' qualify for Special Education services?
A student who is identified as gifted may qualify for Special Education services.  In California, students are not eligible for Special Education and related services under a "gifted" or "intellectually gifted" eligibility category.  Rather, eligibility for Special Education and related services is limited to the 13 eligibility categories listed under the IDEA and related state law (34 C.F.R. Section 300.8; 5 C.C.R. Section 3030).  Therefore, in order to qualify for Special Education services, a gifted student must independently meet the eligibility criteria found in 5 C.C.R. Section 3030 irrespective of any gifted status.  For information about how CCUSD meets the needs of gifted students, please visit the GATE page under Educational Services.
How are Special Education services provided?
A continuum of services are provided to eligible students ages three through twenty two.  Specialized Academic Instruction (SAI) may be provided as determined by the student's Individual Education Plan (IEP) by a credentialed Special Education teacher.  This specialized instruction may be provided within the general education classroom in a co-teaching/collaborative model, in consultation with general education teachers, and/or in a pull-out model in a Learning Center, or Special Day Classroom in response to a student's individual needs.  Accommodations or modifications to the academic curriculum also provide specific support to students within the general education classroom.  Students may also receive other designated instructional services such as adapted physical education, speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and counseling as determined by their IEP.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my child's Individual Education Plan (IEP)?

IEP Team Member  When to Contact
School Psychologist
Questions about...
  • Assessments and the assessment process
  • Implementation of specific services: counseling or social skills
  • Implementation of Behavior Intervention Plans
Resource Specialist (RSP) Teacher
Questions about...
  • IEP meeting logistics: date, time, and location
  • Student IEP goals and objectives
  • Implementation of accommodations and/or modifications in general education
  • Implementation of academic services
  • Requesting an additional IEP meeting
  • Parents' Rights and Procedural Safeguards
Special Day Class (SDC) Teacher
Questions about...
  • IEP meeting logistics: date, time, and location
  • Student IEP goals and objectives
  • Mainstreaming in general education
  • Curriculum and instructional strategies
  • Requesting an additional IEP meeting
  • Parents' Rights and Procedural Safeguards
Designated Instructional Services (DIS) Staff
Questions about...
  • Specific goals and objectives
  • Specific DIS services and supports
Contact your site administrator for school issues unrelated to Special Education or if you are unable to resolve IEP related questions after speaking with special education personnel.  
Who do I contact if I have additional questions about the Special Education program or questions that cannot be answered by school personnel?
To obtain information regarding the appropriate administrator or program specialist that can best help you with your specific question or situation, please call Susie Flores, administrative assistant at the Special Education Department at: (310) 842-4220, ext. 4249