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Superintendent Summer Letter to Staff:

Summer Greetings, CCUSD Team!

“Success for All Takes US ALL.”I’m sure my use of our district creed to begin this message surprises you all! As we clearly, consistently and passionately declare, the “business of our business” is to ensure that EVERY CCUSD child succeeds and learns at high levels! This is our business, our purpose. It is why we exist and why we matter. SUCCESS FOR ALL.

What’s the first step to success for all? Believing. We must believe in each and every child. Believe they are ALL capable of succeeding. And we must not allow this essential first step, this action to be trivialized as a mere “feel good” slogan. Research has proven that beliefs matter. Extensive research has been dedicated to this topic by Kids at Hope - a not for profit organization dedicated to identifying and promoting the conditions in which all children succeed - and their work has concluded that children who succeed do so when:

          They have people in their lives who believe they can succeed.

          They have meaningful relationships with caring adults.

          They are nurtured by a culture that is focused on their successes and strengths.

          They have “Treasure Hunters” in their lives who have and hold them to high expectations.

What’s a Treasure Hunter? You are! This is the Power of US in CCUSD! This is the role our children -our TREASURES - need US to play. Children will perform to the level we expect of them - and to the extent we believe in them. Treasure Hunters act on the belief that every child can succeed – without exception.

Kids at Hope Pledge

I am a Kid at Hope.

I am talented, smart & capable of success.

I have dreams for the future and

I will climb to reach those goals & dreams every day.

All Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!

The Treasure Hunter Pledge

As an adult and a Treasure Hunter

I am committed to search for all the talents, skills and intelligence

That exists in ALL children and youth.

I believe ALL Children are Capable of Success, No Exceptions!


The Treasure Hunter and Kids at Hope Pledge go hand-in-hand. Our students pledge their belief in themselves, and we are the source of their belief. “I believe you can!” from adults inspires “I believe I can!” from children! Conversely, Treasure Hunters know that if we don’t believe in the kids we serve, it’s unlikely they will believe in themselves. Equally important is our belief in one another – believing that by working together, supporting, encouraging and trusting one another - we can make ALL possible!

Enjoy your remaining days of summer! I look forward to seeing you and all CCUSD Treasure Hunters at our Back to School Celebration on August 19th at the Robert Frost Auditorium!

With Gratitude,

Dave LaRose

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