Culver City Unified School District

Flu Vaccine Shortage for 11/6/15


I am sorry to say that we do not have enough Flu vaccine at this time to be able to complete the scheduled flu clinic tomorrow (11/6) at Farragut.  When we originally scheduled the clinic dates, the County predicted that they would receive a second shipment of flu vaccines by now; that did not happen.  


We are still able to offer Free Flu Shots to adults/children who want them tomorrow morning (11/6) from 8-9:30 AM.  Jessica will be at Farragut (as scheduled) in the morning to provide Flu shots only. Unfortunately, we are not able to offer any Flu Mists tomorrow.   


We will reschedule the Flu Clinic for Farragut students once we receive additional Flu Mists. We are the top priority for distribution of Flu vaccines from the County. 


I am sorry this happened; it was an unforeseeable event.  We will do our best to provide this service ASAP.


I appreciate your understanding and support.


Thank you,

Dianna Castro, CCUSD Nurse