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**Email is now accessed through the CCUSD Google system

**1/21/2015: All emails from 7/1/2014 forward have been migrated for all users. Emails from 7/1/2013 through 6/30/2014 are being migrated next.

**1/7/2015: Calendar data for 2014-15 and all Contact data should be transferred now. The migration of email messages is continuing; limited to emails from this school year for the first pass-through to get as much current info transferred as quickly as possible. If older messages are needed, those can be transferrred upon request after the intial migration is complete. Thank you for your continued patience.

**1/5/2015: The transfer of existing data to the new system is taking a very long time because of the amount of information - you can continue to access the old Outlook system to see old information if needed but all new email will be sent and received through Google.

CCUSD Google Apps: Login
...Your login is your email address

Web access instructions are here
Mobile device instructions for Apple or Android

*Instructions here to add your Calendar to the email display screen

*Instructions here to setup Google Apps Sync to use MS Outlook

Access old email system at CCUSD Mail
...Your login name is formatted as "district\username"

ABI @ CCUSD (Choose your school)
ABI - Gradebookfind documentation using link to the right
Canvas: Login
SchoolCity: Login for CCUSD
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