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Superintendent’s Message

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On the Road to Awesome in 2013-2014

Have you seen the popular web video, “Kid President Pep Talk?” It’s worth the 3 ½ minutes – touching, inspiring and filled with humor and encouragement. In it, Kid President quotes Robert Frost – “Two roads diverged in the woods…and I took the road less traveled.”  This is a great message in itself, but in his innocent, charismatic style, Kid President exclaims, “….if there were only 2 paths…..I want to be on the one that leads to AWESOME.”  This heartwarming and thought-provoking message was a core theme of our district-wide all staff Back to School Celebration this year; encouraging us all to choose the “road that leads to awesome” – for each other and for the kids we serve. The road to awesome is lined with hope, optimism, encouragement, teamwork, trust, and a clear focus on a single goal we share – ensuring high levels of learning for ALL students.

Ensuring high levels of learning for all students is the fundamental purpose of CCUSD– it is why we exist, it is why we matter. This is the “why” of our work. The “who” and the “how” must serve this purpose. It has been said that “clarity precedes competence” – and with the goal of being clear about our purpose, our identity, and our collective responsibility, we have created a brief, yet powerful statement to unify us. We didn’t want or need another statement filled with educational jargon that sounds impressive yet has little influence on our decisions, our culture, or our achievement. Often referred to as a “touchstone” this type of statement is intended to be a guide for thinking and acting for students and adults in the entire school community. Our goal was not to create something new; rather we sought to build on the imagery of the simple statement found on hundreds of bumpers throughout our community: CCUSD - A Family of Schools. As is noted on the bumper sticker, the real power of the statement lies in the “US” in CCUSD. Connecting the power of US to our purpose of learning for ALL students inspired the creation of our new touchstone: Success for ALL Takes US ALL!

Our hope is that this statement is not only seen and heard on our campuses, but also felt in action, deeds, and decisions.  Success for All Takes US ALL speaks to why we exist and also to how we can best serve our purpose – TOGETHER.  In order for ALL of our students to succeed and learn at high levels, we need to communicate and cooperate; sharing our gifts and talents as well as our resources; bringing creative ideas and solutions to remove any and all barriers to learning. 

School systems are not responsible for meeting every need of their students. But when the need directly affects learning, the school must meet the challenge.” (Carnegie Task Force on Education of Young Adolescents). Our touchstone confronts, accepts and embraces this challenge. We are simply redefining the traditional, narrow idea of a “school system” to a more cooperative, inclusive vision of the entire community –US. When a child struggles WE must meet the challenge. If the need, the crisis, or the hurt impedes our ability to ensure learning, then WE must remove the barrier. “Success for All Takes US ALL” is much more than a clever, six-word statement – it’s really a call to action!

Success for All Takes US ALL reflects the values of a true Family of Schools - committed to serving and giving together to ensure EVERY child succeeds! This is the power – and the purpose - of US! What does it take to ensure every CCUSD student learns at high levels? It might just be yoU. As we like to say, “In CCUSD, without “U” there is no “US.”

Dave LaRose

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