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Positive Behavior & Interbention Support Basics
What is Positive Behavior Intervention and Support?
PBIS interventions are designed both to reduce problem behaviors and increase adaptive, socially appropriate behaviors.  PBIS is a system that uses positive reinforcement and proactive teaching techniques to improve learning environments.  
Who supports students positive behavior at school?
Family Center
School Psychologist
Sandy Segal Health Center
How can I use Positive Behavior Supports at Home?
how to use pbis at home
(Each school will be providing this presentation 20-21 school year)
Resources for Positive Reward Systems:
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Secondary Positive Reward System
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Misbehavior at Home. .  What do do?
1. Stay calm!
2.  Remind your child of the expectation
3.  Reteach, model, and/or have your child practice the appropriate behavior
4.  Give an appropriate consequence
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