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Culver City Unified School District is home to 751 English Learners (EL) students, with over 70 different spoken languages.  Students are identified to be tested for the EL program based on the Home Language Survey filled out by parents when they enroll their children, previous school information, or teacher concerns. When a new student is initially tested, he/she is identified as either Initially Fluent or English Learner, based on his/her English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) test scores, and various other information as before mentioned.  EL students continue in the program until they meet the District criteria to be Reclassified. Parents are notified of the test results within 30 days.


As the District English Language Development (ELD) Specialist, I assess students, supervise and coordinate the testing and the examiners who assist with the testing.  I serve as a resource to the students, teachers and parents in our District. I have been in this position for 14 years, and love working with and for our EL families.  I look forward to meeting our EL parents, and getting to know our EL students.  Please feel free to contact me. 


Pamela Greenstein

District ELD Specialist

(310) 842-4220 x 4407

[email protected]

ELD Resources 
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eld master plan spanish home language survey spanish
                 (spanish master plan coming soon)