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Student Success Team (SST)

Student Success Team Overview
What is A Student Success Team?
The Student Success Team (SST) is a positive team oriented approach to assisting students that may need support related to academic, behavioral, and/or social emotional health.  
Who can make a referral? 
Either a staff member or parent can make a referral for an SST.  
Who does the team consist of?
The team usually consist of a parent, teacher, and other support personnel from the school.  Students may be included depending on their age. 
What happens during the meeting?
The STT meeting provides everyone an opportunity to develop an understanding of student's strengths and ares of concern.  The SST formulates a plan to support student success based on resources and strategies available.  Follow up meetings are scheduled to ensure that the plan is working and to make adjustments to ensure student success.  
What is the SST Process?
Currently the SST Process is Site Based
In Progress This Year
Our MTSS team will be looking at each school's current SST process and move towards district wide process.   As a team we most likely working on this over the course of the Spring Semester.  However, with being in distance learning we may need to shift this work towards the following school year.  Our MTSS team who will be working collaboratively along this process includes representation across sites and departments (Assistant Superintendent Tracy Pumilia, Director of Elementary Teaching and Learning Rebecca Lynch,  Director of Secondary Teaching and Learning Lisa Michel, Director of Special Education, MTSS Specialist Devyn Norris, Administrators, Counselors, School Nurse, School Psychologist, and Teachers).