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Assessments: Illuminate

What is Illuminate? What can it do? (Overview)
How do I create an Assessment? Assign the Assessment? Score Constructed Response?
How do I create an assessment? 
(see the right on how to create it from an existing document or from scratch)
create a new assessment
Once I have my assessment, how do I share it with other teachers/admin? Link
Create an Assessment from an Existing Document:
Create a Flexible Assessment: 
Question Type:  
Teacher Note for Explicit Constructed Response: 
Allows you to typing in all possible solutions Math ex:  1/2, .5.  Please note that it is case sensitive
(So type in:  eight, Eight).
Create an Assessment from Scratch:
Create an Item Bank Assessment from a Searchable Item Bank
How do I create my own Item for an Item Bank Assessment?
Teacher Note:  Once items are created then build your assessment the same way as the first video above.
How do I adjust the performance band?
performance band
Create and apply a different
Performance Band
How do I assign the assessments to my students?
assign illuminat test
Teacher Note:   When assigning the assessment you can adjust testing tools (text to speech, calculator, highlighter, etc.  Here is the Testing Tool Library/Accommodations: Link 
Assign it to my Google Classroom as an Assignment
(Suggested for anyone who has Google Classroom)
Assign Test by Testing in Portal or Providing a Link through Quick Code (suggested for HS)
Written Instructions:
Print Student Answer Sheet
How to Scan the Answer Sheet:
Written Instructions:
How do I grade a constructive response Item on an Illuminate test?
How do I transfer Illuminate grades into Aeries?
PLC Data Protocol
data protocol
(click on picture above to see the original and click links)
How do I Run a Report (Analyze Assessment Data)
Overview Data (Report)
Teacher Tip: Click any area of the donut to get a list of students preforming in each band
Illuminate Reports
Use "Student Response" report to see how students scored out of total points
How do I run a Custom Report (Advanced)
Teacher Note:  You can create a report that compares students demographics (ex: EL, GATE, SPED) with assessment information.  You can also create a report comparing state test data, screener data, and multiple teacher created illuminate assessments in the same window.   Here is a sample of a Custom Report 
How to Run a Custom Report
Advanced Section:
Live Proctoring
(monitor student progress- who completed, who needs to take the test, ....or pause student test)
Written Instructions:
After the Assessment for Students: 
Personalized Review Assignment (PRA) Resources:
(when students complete an assessment, they automatically are assigned a resource to review, remediate, or enrich)

After the Assessment for Teachers:
Comparing multiple versions of the same test 
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