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Welcome to the iAcademy Home Page.


iAcademy is CCUSD’s full-time independent study program.  Independent study is a learning model in which students learn at home with limited teacher instruction. For elementary grades, parents serve as their child’s daily teacher at home which includes preparing and delivering the lessons as well as documenting the student's progress. For 6-12th grades, the student works independently with the parent monitoring the student’s progress.  


Students have a weekly in-person appointment with their teacher. At the weekly appointment progress is reviewed, help is given and weekly assignments are made. 


Students must maintain satisfactory educational progress as determined by attending weekly appointments with their teacher, completing the assigned work by the due date and passing the assigned work. Tiered re-engagement strategies are implemented if the student is not making satisfactory educational progress. If the student continues not to make satisfactory progress, an evaluation meeting is conducted to determine if independent study is an appropriate educational setting for the student. 


Attendance for independent study is reported based on the student completing the assigned work by the due date AND attending the weekly appointment with the teacher.   There are no excused absences or make-up in independent study.


Based on individual needs, students have access to support resources related to:  technology, academics, English language development, special education, social emotional well-being, food and clothing, 


To learn more about iAcademy and independent study, complete the 2024-2025 iAcademy Interest Form.  You will then be contacted to schedule a 45 minute orientation for both the student and the parent/s. 


CCUSD Board Policy 6158 - Independent Study


CCUSD AR 6158 - Independent Study

Please email all inquiries to: [email protected].