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School Safety Information


Dear CCUSD Family,

Ensuring that every child learns, grows and develops to their greatest potential is the purpose of our school-home-community partnership. This partnership is grounded in our shared and unwavering belief that every child is capable of success – without exception. We make “success” possible for every child by being attentive to and intentional about every factor that impacts a child’s performance. Clearly, CCUSD embraces a “whole child” vision of success, recognizing that in order for a child to succeed they must be safe, cared for, connected, challenged, healthy and hopeful. Simply put, for children to succeed, they must first and foremost feel safe – socially, emotionally and physically. Safe, positive, encouraging learning environments are essential for children to succeed – and never before has our emphasis on safety been greater.

Our collective hearts have been broken by recent school-related tragedies. These unfathomable acts have challenged us, causing us to question our own vulnerability while seeking to make sense of the senseless. As a system, we are fortunate to have many proactive safety practices in place. From formal school plans, regular drills, security personnel, video surveillance and an active, full-time police officer, it is clear that school safety has always been our top priority. Our relationship with Culver City Police Department is very strong and this partnership is essential for crisis training, prevention and response. Beyond our many efforts that have been in place, we continue to assess and enhance our efforts to provide safe and secure school sites. From additional communication resources (radios and cameras) to planned training and facility upgrades, we are committed to investing in even safer learning environments.

In addition to our security-focused work, we are equally intentional about providing positive, accepting, kind and responsive learning environments. District-wide anti-bullying curriculum and training, counseling support, behavioral specialist staffing, and training for all staff regarding positive behavior interventions are a few examples of our clear commitment to the positive development of the whole child. Many of our partners are equally invested - providing mentoring support, medical and mental health services as well as many ways for students to be connected to positive programs and peer groups.

There are many factors that impact school safety and the key to continued and improved preparedness is timely, ongoing communication and cooperation. Without question, this is a shared goal, expectation and responsibility.

On behalf of our entire CCUSD team, thank you for your support, trust and confidence.