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CCUSD's Induction Program 

The Culver City-Beverly Hills Induction Program is an accredited Induction program for beginning teachers in the state of California.  Our program is designed to support the professional development of newly credentialed, beginning teachers and fulfills the requirements for the California Clear Multiple Subjects, Single Subject, and Education Specialist credentials. Beginning in their first year of teaching, teachers with a preliminary credential are expected to participate in a 2-year state-approved Induction program in order to complete the requirements to earn a professional clear credential. 
The vision of the Culver City-Beverly Hills Unified School District Consortium Induction Program is to develop teachers who are able to provide instruction at the highest level of excellence to meet the needs of every student through a job-embedded mentoring and professional development system. With the support of qualified and trained mentors, candidates participate in research-based cycles of inquiry aligned with the California Standards for the Teaching Profession. New teachers explore best practices designed to meet the needs of diverse learners with a focus on individualized goals and student achievement.