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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead

Youth Climate Action

Youth Climate Action

The Culver City Unified School District (CCUSD) cares about the environment and its future in the face of climate change and biodiversity decline. At CCUSD, we are striving to pursue our sustainability initiatives within the framework of CCUSD’s own mission of educational excellence, incorporating environmental protection, action and justice, to increase conservation efforts, reduce and divert waste, with social equity and inclusion in mind. We are continually working to integrate sustainability in everything we do and take pride in leading by example.


Please watch our CCUSD Green Video here, highlighting some of the green initiatives in our schools.


At CCUSD, our Sustainability efforts are led by a Sustainability Coordinator who works with the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC), the Superintendent, CCUSD Business Services, principles, school liaisons, staff, teachers, parents, students, volunteers and other stakeholders to help facilitate our green actions.

CCUSD is the proud recipient of the Green Ribbon Schools Award, awarded in 2017:




What is Sustainability?

The most often quoted definition comes from the UN World Commission on Environment and Development: “Sustainable Development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

In other words, Sustainability is about our children and our grandchildren, and the world we will leave them. (UCLA)

The diagram below illustrates how the Environment is what sustains life and all human systems and activities within.


For more details, please consult the EPA page. 


What is CCUSD’s Sustainability Mission?

  • To build awareness of sustainability issues and provide opportunities to strengthen educational programs about the environment
  • To improve efficiency in energy and water use 
  • To decrease consumption of goods and minimize waste that finds its way to our landfill
  • To foster the development of a diverse, active, and more equitable community
  • To continually work on improving areas of focus that benefit our micro and macro systems
  • To reduce costs through the adoption and improvement of efficiency programs
  • To involve the whole CCUSD community to participate in these efforts
  • To incorporate sustainability into every facet of school administration and programming

Why is it important for CCUSD to incorporate Sustainability?

  • To act urgently in protection of our planet, our future and the future of our children
  • To foster environmental education to perpetuate good habits and set a base for a truly circular economy
  • To improve the health of our community and beyond, with better air quality, healthier food, better purchasing policy, and a healthier work environment
  • To be part of the Global Environmental Youth Movement finding solutions to our environmental challenges
  • To respect the planet’s resources, preserve life and promote healthy ecosystems
  • To engage in environmental justice and social equity, because we all deserve it
  • To build resiliency for the present and the future
  • To witness the financial benefits of integrating sustainable practices in the School District
  • To address the challenges as they become apparent and in line with legislation

How are we planning to achieve our goals?


  • Maintaining a Sustainability Coordinator position to drive CCUSD’s sustainability efforts from ideas to action
  • Hosting Monthly ESC committee meetings
  • Empowering on-site School Liaisons to relay the ESC information and programs to the different schools
  • Promoting and managing district-wide campaigns like the Green5 Program: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Ride and Re-think or the Waste Reduction Campaign
  • Coordinating sustainability efforts with the Culver City Education Foundation and the Parent Teacher Associations
  • Finding collaborative opportunities with the City of Culver City
  • Working with local Environmental groups like Ballona Creek Renaissance
  • Engaging and challenging all stakeholders in our Annual Earth Fest Week (week of April 22)
  • Having 8 main areas of focus: Education, Energy, Water, Waste, Purchasing, Transportation, Green Spaces and Community
Water, Energy, Waste, etc.

Who is the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC)?

The Culver City Unified School District was directed by the School Board to create an advisory committee to recommend changes in order for the district to become more sustainable. This committee is called the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) and is composed of members like parents with children in the school district who also have experience in environmental issues, as well as many student volunteers, teachers and staff. They serve on the committee on a volunteer basis. The ESC is in the process of creating a five-year sustainability master plan for the district that incorporates large-scale physical changes and smaller behavioral changes into its recommendations.

How are we all connected?


Who are Our Green Partners?

  • Culver City Education Foundation
  • Culver City Environmental Programs & Operations Division
  • City of Culver City Sanitation
  • Culver City Purchasing 
  • Golden State Water
  • Clean Power Alliance CPA 
  • Southern California Edison
  • Grades of Green
  • Walk N Rollers
  • Kidscoop
  • AVPA

Join us in our effort to make CCUSD Greener every day!


CCUSD Green New Deal