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Sustainability at Culver City Unified School District
What is the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC)?
The Culver City Unified School District was directed by the CCUSD School Board to create an advisory committee to recommend changes in order for the district to become more sustainable. This committee is called the Environmental Sustainability Committee (ESC) and is composed of members who were chosen by the school board, they are parents with children in the school district who also have experience in environmental issues,  as well as many volunteers, teachers and staff. They serve on the committee on a volunteer basis. The ESC is in the process of creating a five-year sustainability master plan for the district that incorporates large-scale physical changes and smaller behavioral changes into its recommendations.
Call For Volunteers
Culver City Unified School District is looking for people to help make our schools more environmentally sustainable.  We have many opportunities to get involved from simply helping students learn how to compost at lunchtime to supporting comprehensive district-wide initiatives and everything in between.  If you are interested in volunteering and want to support our schools and our Culver City community please fill out this brief survey. Thank you for your interest!
Volunteer Survey
What is Green5?
The Environmental Sustainability Committee is introducing the concept of sustainability to all members of the school district through the Green5 environmental awareness campaign. This campaign will raise awareness about the environment and sustainability among the students, teachers, staff and parents. The Green5 campaign was initially piloted at Linwood E. Howe Elementary School in 2012.  We plan to have Green5 fully implemented district wide, working from the youngest to the oldest kids by 2016.
As each campus launches Green 5, students, teachers, staff and parents will take a survey before the campaign begins to determine their awareness of sustainability and, another survey at the end of the year to see if their awareness has been increased. School assemblies will address recycling and conservation and the actions that individuals can take to make a difference. Posters will be hung around the school with the Green5 message on them. Students will receive prizes and incentives, such as reusable water bottles, spirit-wear t-shirts and Green5 buttons for their participation in the program.
This campaign will increase awareness about recycling, reducing energy consumption and reusing materials on-site. The goal is to educate all participants and as a by-product save the school district money and, in addition, reduce the amount of district produced trash that is going to the landfill by 25% within the next year.  Middle and high school students will participate in the advancement of this initiative through community engagement activities and school awareness campaigns.
The ESC is calling this project Green5 (that is Green to the 5th power).
There are 5 points for raising awareness in this campaign:
1) REDUCE: By opening blinds to let in the sun or closing doors to conserve heat, we can REDUCE our energy consumption.
2) REUSE: whatever you can. By using refillable water bottles we can eliminate up to 360,000 single-use bottles in our school district alone.
3) RECYCLE: By RECYCLING and composting, we conserve our natural resources
4) RIDE: Bike, walk, skate and scoot to school more - RIDE more, drive less - help reduce traffic and green- house gases and get healthier too.
5) RETHINK: what you do, buy and why. Stay connected with nature and our community.