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Subsequent to a conversation with the District Partnership from the 22-23SY, below is a slightly revised statement providing further clarification for staff regarding the Cultural/Religious Observation.


The District, CCFT and ACE are committed to honoring religious and cultural days. CCUSD is taking active strides towards ensuring that all stakeholders have the opportunity to observe holidays of cultural and/or religious significance. To that end, whether or not local holidays are days off, these days will be recorded as excused absences for students who wish to observe them. Students will be allowed to make-up work, tests, or exams, and given the same allotted time to make-up as any other excused absence. (Resolution No. 9 - 2023/24)


Staff will have two (2) options. They can take a personal necessity day which will be deducted from their leave bank. Or, Staff may take a personal business day which doesn’t affect their leave bank. Please note: personal business days do not carry over from year to year like sick and PN days. We encourage staff to please request these days in advance. 

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