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Diverse Library
Why the importance of having a diverse library? Imagine that your student, (or yourself), has the opportunity to step foot into a world that they may never get to experience in their being, all by picking up a book to read the cultural implications of the story. This is a rich experience for a young reader to be able to have a lens of diverse experiences. The same notion can be said for the thrill a student of color, or of an underrepresented background, receives after they find a piece of literature that has characters that are from similar or familiar backgrounds. Imagine this gold mine, usually in a sea of books that feature the same or similar characters as the norm, this student now finds something close to home. Engagement goes up, love for literature strengthens, and a new relationship with the world is created. 
Here are some diverse library resources we recommend. 
Our very own El Rincon PTA - DE&I Group has a great set of Recommended Literature on their innovative Cultural Calendar:
Articles about diverse literature: