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The Black Families Advisory Council


Established by the Assistant Superintendent of DEI & acknowledged by the CCUSD Board of Education on February 28th 2023, the Black Families Advisory Council (BFC) is a community of directly involved family members of which honors and embraces the identity and experiences of CCUSD's Black / African American students, and gives voice to the needs, goals and concerns of Black and African American students and families at the District Level. 
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Name Role
Angela Elizondo Baxter Council Overseer - Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services 
Antoinette Stewart-Eneh District Representative, Co-Event Lead
Candice Mackey Parent, Co-Event Lead
Summer McBride Parent, PTA Liason
Attelia Scott Parent, PTA Liason
De'Jah Carver Parent, Clerk
Lorraine Echo Allen Parent, Council Member


The Mission of the Black Families Council is to empower and uplift all Black students and their families throughout CCUSD by celebrating cultural identity, fostering community engagement, and advocating for equitable experiences and access to opportunities. 
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In response to Resolution No. 23 Support of the Achievement and Success of African American/Black Students in the Culver City Unified School District
  • Black Student Achievement Plan, incorporated in the LCAP, Local Accountability Plan 2023-24SY,
A Talk With Your Creative Child!
Self Image of A Black Child
Angela Palmieri

A large thank you to Dr. Angela Palmieri - for the Dual Language Presentation at last night's Black Families Council Meeting.
The first in our "Celebrating & Affirming Our Students" presentation series, this was an insightful presentation into the benefits of enrolling in the Dual Language programs, and we are looking forward to a Part II discussion for resources & allocations for students who are looking for global language enrichment who are outside of Grades Preschool-Kindergarten!
For those who missed the presentation, you may tune into the recording here , passcode: w^^y1e+2

Dr. Angela Palmieri curated a list of Multilingual Language Opportunities for our families to dive into - CLICK HERE - to view 
"Break-The-Ice!" Game Day! - December 2, 2023
Families together at the Black Families Council BBQ
23-24SY BFC 1st Annual Family BBQ
A turnout of over 80 attendees - the first in-person event for the BFC in the 22-23SY. Families shared stories, played games, and got to know each other. Perfect start to the new year and creation of the BFC. September 23rd, Fox Hills Park. 
22-23SY Summer LitCamp Program 
Addressing statistics found about overall reading scores of Black students within the district, and creating opportunities for continued success. Send an email to [email protected] for more information. 

For all inquiries, please utilize the temporary email address [email protected]