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GATE Home » High Achieving vs. Gifted Students

High Achieving vs. Gifted Students

High Achieving                   vs.                  Gifted Students
  • Knows the answers
  • Works hard to achieve high scores
  • Answers questions
  • 6-8 repetitions for mastery
  • Enjoys peers
  • Grasps the meaning
  • Receptive and willing
  • Absorbs information
  • Excellent memorization skills
  • Works in the top group
  • Enjoys school
  • Enjoys routine
  • Ask Questions
  • Plays around, yet can test well
  • Detail orientated
  • 1-2 repetitions for mastery
  • Prefers older children or adults
  • Makes inferences
  • Extremely intense
  • Manipulates information
  • Excellent guesser
  • Works beyond the group
  • Enjoys learning new things
  • Rebels against routine
Janice Szabos, The Gifted and Talented Child