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What does Academics Include? Who Supports it?
What does Academics Include (TK-12)?
Visual and Performing Arts (Ceramics, Dance, Drawing/Painting, Film, Music: Choir/Band,Theater), Career Technical Education (CTE), Dual Language Immersion (Japanese, and Spanish), Elective Courses (other courses not already mentioned: ASB, AVID, Ethnic Studies, Food and Nutrition, Gender Studies, Psychology, Sociology, Sports Medicine, Teen Living), English Language Arts, English Language Development, Health, Mathematics, Physical Education, Science, Social Sciences (Economics, History, Government), STEM (Animation, Computer Sciences, Makerspace, Programming), and World Languages (French, Japanese, Spanish).  
Who supports students academic success?
Department Chairs
Teacher Leaders or TLPs
Families Academic Resources:
 Family Presentations:
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setting up your learning space elementary setting up your learning space secondary
TK- 12 Academics:
ela pe eld
math social studies special education
dual language immersion
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uc honors faq
Other Academic Resources:
acceleration information enrichment and extension standards based report cards
state test