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How has the  History-Social Science Framework been updated?
The new History-Social Science is a step forward in the ongoing commitment to ensure that all California students are prepared for college, twenty-first century careers, and citizenship.  This framework models the diversity in California.  This California framework has been rewritten to tell a much broader story that features the contributions of diverse peoples of all sorts to the story of California and the United States. 
What are the standards for each grade?
How has Social Science changes since when I went to school?
1) Inquiry: The guiding principle of the History-Social Science Framework is a focus upon student inquiry.  Consistent with our recently adopted frameworks in other subject areas, this framework relies upon students being active participants in the learning process.  Students will be asking questions, developing and supporting their arguments, conducting independent research, evaluating interpretations and evidence, and present findings in an cogent and persuasive manner.
2) Literacy:  Students will explore a variety of text, learn how to identify a document by its purpose, whether it be persuasive, narrative, or autobiographical.   Along with looking at more text there is a focus on expository writing with greater analytical thinking.  
3) Civic Learning:  The California curriculum maintains its consistent focus on the founding documents of the United States, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, and examines in details the legacy of the important events, people, laws, and court decisions that have shaped the history of this country.  Now the framework has added a focus on the habits and skills of good citizens (simulations of government, student-led debates, research projects, voter education, and service learning).