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Flipgrid (student video)

What is it? How does it Work? (Tutorial)
Getting Started for Teacher and Students
Teacher Tips and Ideas
First Time Use:  Have students practice before using it on a class graded assignment.  Here are some ideas:
  • Teacher/Student Introduction:  
    • Name, birth month, favorite food, favorite animal, a place you would like to travel to: Link
  • What's your one word? If you had to choose one word to describe what you want this next school year to look like, what would it be? Link
  • Goal Setting/Reflection:  In the beginning of the year or new semester, have students create a graphic showing long and short term goals.  Then use flipgrid to discuss goals and how they want to accomplish this.
  • Friday 5-4-3-2-1: 5 things that made you smile this week, 4 words to describe my week, 3 things I plan to do this week, 2 things I learned this week, 1 goal I have for next week.  Link
Using Flipgrid to Get Peer Reviews/Feedback
  • Have students give feedback on a project, model, ...
    • What was similar about his/her thinking compared to the thinking you used?
    • What was different about his/her thinking compared to the thinking you used?
    • What constructive feedback to you have for him/her?
    • How has this response changed your thinking about the task you completed? 
  • How was your week? Link
  • SEL Check-In:  Include emoji/sticker in video and tell us why you feel that way. Link
Different Ways to Use Flipgrid:
  • Article of the Week Discussion: Have students state claim then provide evidence for or against at topic
  • Exit Tickets (set to 30-60 seconds so you can quickly go through the responses)
    • My Ah-Ha moment:   what was your big take away from today? did you learn something new? did you have an ah-ha moment? Link
  • Video for Future Students: Students share pointers and any information they feel is necessary to help new students be successful, not only in your class, but the school as well. Example Link
  • Math, Chem, or Physics Problem:  Have students explain how they solved a math problem
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