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Seesaw (student video)

What is Seesaw? What can it do? 
How do I set up Seesaw?
Elementary: CCUSD creates all elementary Seesaw classes (see note below for more information) This video shows how to adjust settings & notifications. 
Go to Seesaw website or access through teacher clever portal, then login using your gmail account.  Please do not change your class created name.
Note: CCUSD creates all elementary Seesaw accounts so students have access to all classes (art, Makerspace . . .) using the Clever portal.  The Seesaw classes are able to be populated once Aeries class rosters are set in the beginning of the year, then overnight Seesaw class can be created & populated. 
Secondary: Learn how to create a Seesaw class, add students, & adjust settings/notifications 
1) Go to the Seesaw website, then login as teacher using your gmail account.
2) Create a new class/import students
- Middle School: import classes from Google Classroom
- High School/Culver Park: create a class, then invite students using class login code.
Seesaw Feedback Loop
Below you will find resources to support the Seesaw Feedback Loop: 
1.  Teacher Assigns Assignment (blue)
2.  Students Complete Assignment (yellow)
3.  Teacher Provides Feedback/Grade (blue)
4.  Students see feedback/ optional they can edit and resubmit work (yellow)
Teacher boxes are in blue and student boxes are in yellow.  If students need to know how to navigate Seesaw you could share them the tutorials in the yellow sections.
How do (I/Students) . . .  
1.  Teacher Creates & Assigns
Assignment to Students
step 1
  • Search Community Library and Save Activity:
Tip: Search by standard
  • Edit Assignment from Community Library
  • Create an assignment from scratch: 
2. Students use tools (photo, drawing, voice recording, or  video) to capture and  demonstrate learning in portfolio.
step 2
  • Have students login to Seesaw:
- Elementary: Login through Clever
  • Seesaw Tutorial for Students 
3.  Teacher reviews students work and gives feedback.
step 3
    • Optional:  Families can see their child's work and leave comments and encouragements.
  • Providing General            Feedback
  • Providing Feedback for Students to fix (return work)
  • How to Provide a Grade in Seesaw
4.  Students can see teachers feedback.step 4
    • Optional: Students can edit and resubmit
  • Student can see feedback and adjust as needed.
Introductory Seesaw Activities/Content Specific Ideas 
Introductory Activities- Students finish a series of activities that teach students how to use the Seesaw tools:
Other Content Specific Ideas:
Send Messages to Families
Note:  Below you will find more information on how to introduce
Seesaw to families
Connecting Families to Seesaw Accounts
Introduction to Seesaw
for Families:
How to invite Families to your
Seesaw Account?
How can we use Seesaws translation features for parents?
Note:  Seesaw does not allow translation
for students
Need Help?
If you need help, visit Seesaw's searchable help page:  help.seesaw.me