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Exit Ticket

Exit Ticket Prompts
  • I saw today . . ., made me think . . . , Now, I wonder . . . *exit ticket
  • Question of the day*
  • Questions (2 questions)
  • What concept has been the most difficult/confusing for this lesson/unit?
  • What was the muddiest point in the lesson? (most confusing part)
  • What would you like me to review tomorrow?
  • How did the assessment go? What can you do to improve next time?
  • Draw a picture of todays learning*
  • 3 things I know about, 2 questions I have, 1 thing I will do*
  • 3 things I learned today, 2 things I found interesting,1 question I still have*
  • Propose a possible quiz question with answer*
  • The important thing about . .  is that with supporting details*
  • I used to think ___ now I think ___ because____
  • Solve ___ problem
  • Sticky Note Mosaic: Grab a few pads of sticky notes of different colors.  Tell students what each color stands for:  something that they know for sure, something they're still unclear on, something they need to tell the teacher etc.  Stick it randomly on the board because it is color coded you can easily sort.
  • Connections to text to self, text to text, text to world*
  • Summarize the chapter, section, book*
  • As I think about my performance, here is one thing I will. .  stop, save, start.*
  • I am really good at . . . I need more practice with . . . *
  • One goal I have for myself is . . ., Steps I plan to take to reach my goal are . . ., Progress *Checkpoints 1, 2,3
Resources You Can Print:
Exit Ticket and Multiple Intelligence
multiple intelligence quiz
Digital Exit Tickets
  • Socrative:  Ask a quick question or do a quick poll at the end of class.The quick question option lets you ask a super-fast open-ended or multiple choice question.  Plus,  it has a built in exit ticket option, asking students. . .
    • How well they understood the day's lesson (multiple choice)
    • What they learned (open-ended)
    • To answer an additional question from the teacher, maybe one you ask verbally (open-ended) 
  • Google Forms: You can build your own exit ticket with forms.  Google's survey tool, lets you add a variety of questions types.  Plus, you can display videos, images, and text.  The benefits is you get more question types and multimedia.  You can also view graphs of responses quickly. Once you watch the video you can create your own google form here
  • Peardeck:  Works with slide presentations tools (easiest, to add on questions through google slides) to make the slides interactive.  Have a quick slide deck pre-created for the end of class.  Design slides visually or use the pre-created slides in Pear Deck's slide library in the Google Slides add-on.  Students interact on their screen, drawing, dragging, and typing.  
  • Flipgrid: Use as an exit ticket where you can see and hear your students via video.  Create a simple prompt.  Give your students a link to it or assign it in Google Classroom or provide students a QR code to answer it.  Students respond in their browser or mobile app.  
  • Synth: Students can respond through an audio response to a question and respond to each others recording.  
  • Kahoot Can be used for review or an exit ticket.  Create a new survey Kahoot!  Surveys still have multiple choice, but they aren't scored.  It takes the competitive edge off and lets students be more thoughtful with their answers.
  • Polleverywhere Lets you create a quick poll with lots of options.  You can add images to your polls or even rank items.
  • Seesaw:  It is a bit like Facebook for the classroom.  For exit ticket, students can post to their seesaw and snap a picture of what they've been working on.  They can even annotate it by drawing and labeling.
  • Formative:  Is like google Forms but it offers even more flexibility.  There are TONS of question types.  One example is "show your work" question where students draw their answers.  If you ask multiple choice questions, it will autograde the responses.