PowerSchool Systems

SMARTFIND EXPRESS (Absence reporting system)
Before you can report an absence be sure to register via phone at (424) 363 - 8143 and online at https://culvercity.eschoolsolutions.com/
Your ACCESS ID is your phone number without the area code. Your PIN before you register will be your access ID. You will need to create a PIN for the phone system and a PASSWORD for the computer system. (These are not the same for security reasons.)
Below are Quickstart videos (less than 10 minutes) that will give you a quick overview of the system. PLEASE REVIEW.
If you have any questions regarding an absence please contact Cynthia Contreras at [email protected] or (310) 842-4220 x4227
TalentEd RECORDS (personnel record, blank forms)
Link to review what is in your e-file or to complete any HR forms please login to: https://culvercity.tedk12.com/records/
TalentEd PERFORM (Evaluation system)
Link to review your current evaluations: https://culvercity.tedk12.com/perform/
Revised video training for employees to submit an absence on SmartFind